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Dafarra & Seves was established in Genoa in the 1953 and from that date on has always operated as international freight forwarding company from and to the main world-markets, with the idea of providing its clients with a world class service.

Founded by Mr Piero Dafarra and Mr Silvio Seves, actually D&S is one of the most historical italian freight forwarding companies.

In more than 50 years of activity, besides the experience accumulated and handed on from generation to generation, D&S has always more widen its horizons in the sea, air and ground transport sectors, and more recently in the last 10 years in the advanced logistic one, facing and not suffering the daily and mutable changes of the new global market.

In the last 1968, besides being the official freight forwarding agent of various Italian Embassies abroad, D&S has been appointed as the official freight forwarder of C.O.N.I for the Olympic Games in 1968.
All this has been possibile, targeting the following lines: human element, research & develop, non-stop training.

Today the company offers his clients his know-how, a team well trained and all its structures and facilities that enable Dafarra & Seves to sell a huge range of services, from the collection and delivery of loose goods, passing trough full container loads, up to project cargo’s handling, giving assistance to the clients in solving import/export’s documentation matters, providing warehousing and advanced logistic solutions, with a specialization in hazardous and perishable goods. As last but not least, D&S works in the exhibitions’ sector, picking and delivering cargo in temporary or definitive export up to the fair and providing all the needed documentations and permissions.

One of the first Italian freight forwarding companies to overlook on the international trades, today Dafarra & Seves relies on a capillary network of foreign agents abroad with whom it can offer a door to door service, inclusive of insurance.